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Filmed over the course of five hours (10:30pm-3:30am EST March 31-April 1) this small dance number was born for Wandrer and Yolegoman's Contest. I built the sets from previous animation test sets and it was my first hack at building something large for the camera.

The actual chicken dance can be done by a minifig, but it takes a little more time than the five hours I put into it. During the end of the dance, the man and woman intermittently switch. I only animated half a turn per person, and in looping the frames I saw it too late.

Living with cats sucks. I had to assemble and disassemble my sets to put back in the closet. Stupid cats love gnawing on legos-they've made my lego trees splinters of green. It's new to me not to keep my sets out overnight (hell, for weeks, like Midnight Ride) and I prize my collection too much to feed it to my cats.

I was tempted to smear blood all over the road. As the camera panned out, the blood would read: "Music by Roger and the Villagers" and some creepy hag would giggle or something. This is a contest aimed toward children, so I held back with the gross and went for the moral.

Walking on the base of the road, I used blu-tak on the foot of the minifig to secure him. When he gets run over by the car, it stuck to the road and I didn't catch it. Now that it's in the film, it can be referred to as brains or some other organ. (Blood is blue until it mixes with atmosphere).

This was a fun experience for me after having a bout with school/work/school/sleep/work for months on end. This animation was done the first two days of my spring break, and I write this on one of my last. Enjoy.