Die Fly

How long it took to film:
A few hours. You can see the passage of time-light to dark.

If I ever get a better camera, this will be my opus-the tiny creature who lives on dead flies on my windowsill. This is my non-lego movie and it taught me some non-lego things. I built the man out of clay, but the different colors didn't meld well. I ended up breaking paper clips and toothpicks to make the joints a bit more stable. The clay was still too heavy, so I cut a dust rag up, and made him a cloak. This helped reinforce his sagging joints. He fell apart after this shoot, but he is in my drawer-awaiting resurrection.


After a couple weeks with the Lego Cam, this idea hit me. I lived in a dorm room and I collected dead flies on the windowsill. People thought that I was sick-but watching the movie you notice how picturesque dead flies are in black and white? It revolts in its beauty, and the two go hand in hand.
The really grainy part of the short is of my girlfriend sleeping. Of course, in my head, the goblin would turn out to be a serial killer, plus-my girlfriend was taking a nap at the time :P. If you can't see it clearly, the monster picks up a hobby knife in the shadows.
This will definitely be in the tip section-use things to create atmosphere. Just using the flies gives the movie a horrorful approach. I never got charged for scraping "DIE FLY" into the windowsill :).