Macabre Manor (LS)

How long it took to film:
A few months. On and off sporadically with insight.

Moving on from plot is a hard thing to do, visually and comprehensively. In this short you see some of my best first work at taking the horror approach to filming. The skeleton coming out of the floor is my favorite scene and even comes back in Macabre Manor. Here I would like to say there are not enough horror lego films. Andy Thornbery's The Thing inspired me, then Bob Bongo's Dr. Death literally knocked me off my feet. There is something more scary when emanating from smiling plastic bricks...


In a backwards sense, this films ending was filmed first. If you are familiar with the Brickfilms forums, maybe you remember the flame war that started after BhBrenn stole my ghost. Thanks to everyone who killed the Girls of Ocap for me :) I posted the ghost scene so that people would know that I animate, because before this short-I had nothing online.
I am a fan of red food coloring. In the cat scene, the blood spurts quite nicely. With food coloring being so red, it stains bricks so they cannot be washed after. The floor in this film is now pink, and you can see some of the pink tiles in Macabre Manor (I'm getting ready for Brickfest).
The mystic logo was something I wanted to do for a long time, and I think my first hack isn't that bad. It was made in Photoshop using the ripple filter, slowly melding in until you can see my logo. The background in the first scene (which was filmed last) was made out of posterboard I cut up to make a background for a children's book. The posterboard is colored with pencil, and yes it moves a lot due to my bumping it during animating. (I hadn't got good yet.)
In the end, I lost momentum on this project and released the first 1:40. One: due to the fact that Lego Studios does not give me the quality I wanted. 2: I saw a lot of peoples films done with other cameras, and wanted to do my own. And before this inside scoop is done, I can't say it enough-I made the eerie music for this film using MTV Music Generator.
The track is entitled Herof Minor, and in the future I will make the song downloadable by itself as an MP3.