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Don't get too hyped. This film offers no animation other than in the bloody parts. Filmed with a VHS-C camera seven years ago, the quality is not top notch. I compressed this film using the .wmv extension because

  • There's not a lot to get excited about.
  • As I have made better movies in this digital age-it's nice to get a glimpse of the past.
  • Give some inspiration to those people who insist on using all digital effects.
  • Modem users won't be bogged down by huge file sizes. I'll be compressing a realplayer file in the future.
  • Things to look for in this film: The swamp/pond scene. It was raining the day we shot the footage so we put up a cardboard tent to protect the camera. The dialogue was shot many times and I was finally able to cut out the repetition in Premiere. The ground kept draining water, so I cut a milk jug in half and buried it in the ground. The blood, of course, is red food coloring.

    The weird ending of this film was Will's idea. Having the son's father go ballistic and intertwining the stupid plot (there was a script-go figure) ended up making the film far-fetched. Since the class was grading the project, we got an A.

    This was a long time ago. We had trailers at the end of the movie for other films (that were never to be made). The best one had a native sitting by a campfire. Of course, it's not a real campfire, but a candle buried in the ground up to its wick.