The Hat

How long it took to film:
An hour? It was long ago-I forget.

Lego Studios is on the cover of my catalog Christmas 2000. It makes me pick up the phone and order it direct from Lego. The coming week is one of anticipation-I check my mailbox 3-4 times a day until it arrives. Because it had the Lego name on it, I thought quality was at my fingertips. I saw Dino Cop before I got it-man, that was something. But MY camera doesn't get that kind of image quality. What is that? Did I film in some freakish blizzard? I really didn't notice the lack of quality until I saw other lego movies.


Right out of the box, this is what I made. It's short-has no plot (unless you like the idea of a killer hat ) and is grainy as hell. I know there are movies where an inanimate object comes to life to kill (Child's Play, Dolls)-but a hat? It was a cool idea, and I got 15 seconds out of it :) .

I like the hat blowing off the best, and this will be in the tips section (when I make one) as well. I did not use anything fancy. I:

1. cocked the hat at an angle until it was going to fall off
2. pulled it off screen slowly with my fingers
3. cried happily at my first result :) .

There's not much else to say-It's only 15 seconds long. Hot Damn!